Maxim V. Bysko


The article opens the cycle of multimedia publications devoted to the study of media creativeness for children, presented on gramophone records and CDs, on radio and television programs, in cinema and the Internet, video games and mobile applications. This is a huge layer of media products, many of which have already included in the golden fund of humanity, and the most significant and unique of them will be researched in this cycle. The article attempts to scientifically review the main stages of the emergence, development and modification of musical media genres for children's perception in the Soviet and post-Soviet culture. For this, media genres are divided into three conditional meta-groups, such as films-to-music (first of all, films-operas and films-ballets), musical media-works, media-works-with-music. The systems of the Soviet and Russian media industry of musical creativity for children, the emergence of an unprecedented genre of Soviet mass song for children, as well as the crisis of artistic creativity in the digital age are considered in the historical aspect.


music;media;children;media work;cartoon;musical;musical broadcast;TV;radio;Internet


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