Editorial Policies

Focus and Scope

Electronic scientific magazine Mediamusic is a scholarly e-journal of music and sound in electronic mass media, film, Internet, and multimedia. The e-journal publishes scientific reviews and articles on audiovisual theory, history and practice, in the fields of musicologyart criticismcultural studiespedagogy, etc.


Section Policies


Peer Review Process

All scientific publications are reviewed:


  • All materials are reviewed and may be rejected by Editorial board or returned to the contributors for revision. Reviewing is confidential. The peer review is made in electronic form.
  • The contributor is entitled to provide an external peer review on submitted materials.
  • Peer reviews are stored for 5 years.
  • Materials of the Editorial council's members and materials for unified Info page are not reviewed.
  • The reviewer is selected from the Editorial board's members or invited by the editorial team from outside. The reviewer is a recognized expert on the subject of peer-reviewed material and has publications on this and related topics during the last 3 years.
  • Аn electronic copy of the peer review (without the name of the reviewer) or a reasoned refusal in the publication is sent to the author upon request.
  • If prompted, electronic copies of the reviews can be sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of Russian Federation.
  • Term of consideration of submitted material does not exceed 9 months.
  • The final decision on publication is taken by Editor in Chief and Editorial council.
  • Managing Editor informs the authors about the decision.
  • Articles are published only after the contributors will make all the necessary changes proposed by the editorial team. Attention! Articles are published in the html-version.
  • Gonorars to the authors are not paid, fees for reviewing and editing are not charged.
  • In the case of publication, the authors guarantee the transfer of a proprietary copyright on their materials (non-exclusive license), and the authors pay for publishing services: technical support of materials (html-layout, xml-files production, CD production, archiving and including materials in the science-metric databases, scientific libraries and into Informregister), legal support of multimedia materials.*
* The author must print and send two copies of the completed license agreement to the publishing house.

More... http://mediamusic-journal.com/rules.html


Open Access Policy

Open and free access.


Publication Ethics

♯ Author's duties

  • to indicate the references
  • to indicate the source of funding
  • to provide only the correct information
  • to be responsible for the providing information
  • to ensure that no plagiarism and fraudulent data
  • to provide material for the peer review
  • to participate in the editing process
  • to provide the retractions or corrections of mistakes
  • all authors must significantly contribute to the research

♯ Reviewer's duties

  • to be objective in their judgments
  • to have no conflict of interest in relation to the authors, researches and funding
  • to verify the borrowing and citations
  • to check materials for the plagiarism
  • to consider the material confidentially

♯ Editor's duties

  • to have the responsibility for accepting/rejecting an article or review
  • to have no conflict of interest in relation to researches
  • to promote the publication of correction or retraction
  • to conform to the intellectual and ethical standards
  • to appoint the reviewers and preserve their anonymity
  • to conrol the publication ethics (see COPE)

♯ Publisher's duties

  • to publish approved materials
  • to conclude the licensing agreements with authors
  • to archive published materials
  • to distribute information on publications in the science-metric databases
  • to provide a legal support for multimedia materials
  • to prevent the prevalence of business over science
  • to advertise the magazine