NO 9 (2018) is Published!

You will meet with new Russian humanitarian studies in the field of motion pictures and animated films. It will be the researches about creating the illusion of a single screen space and time (chronotope) with the help of sound and about animation interpretations of the program music works of Russian composers. In addition, you will learn about the compositional principles of the leitmotive technique of multi-part films produced in the USSR, USA, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey, and other countries. Also, you will find the cognitive technical information how virtual sources are panned in multichannel systems. We will answer pedagogical questions: how to teach the discipline "Digital Audio Technologies" and how to upgrade an educational process in a piano class, adding the creative work with a keyboard synthesizer and the distance learning?..

Among the information materials, you will find a special announcement of a future book by Seva Novgorodtsev, a well-known BBC Russian Service broadcaster, in which the hypothesis is expressed about the birth of the phenomenon of a disc jockey of Russian-language music radio. We will answer the question "Where is the production of modern music videos shift?", аnd finally, we will ponder whether it is difficult to fight with the Russian Federation for own copyrights and related rights?