NO 10 (2019) is published!

In the jubilee 10th issue of the journal, a new project for the study of media works for children has been launched. The introductory article briefly covers the artistic problem from its origins to the present day. The article written for the 100th anniversary of the Soviet composer M. Weinberg and describing his music works for animated films can also be noted here. However, animation often refers to an adult audience. Therefore, we will pay attention to special studies that reveal hidden meanings into allegorical animation and political media-cartoons. The issue contains a lot of information about new digital music technologies in the unique music concert-broadcast by OMURA, in an immersive exhibition (special interview with Italian Luca Longobardi), in an immersive sound environment created with the help of a digital button accordion, in distance digital educational resources designed for inclusive schools. In addition, you will find a meeting with the sound spaces of the films directed by Alexander Sokurov and a journalistic investigation into the theft of music media culture, ironically reminding the readers about the new e-journal’s project.You will find many other interesting materials in the Supplement Mediamusic blog.