NO 8 (2017) is Published!

Cinema. And again about the sound in movies: in the eighth issue of the magazine, we'll take a look at the film sound in a historical retrospective. Also we'll congratulate famous Russian film composer Edward Artemiev on his 80th birthday. Television. Let's recall the sensational musical TV show Musical Ring and consider the avant-garde TV film of modern German director Oliver Herrmann One Night. One Life. Internet. Let's open YouTube and talk with Danish scientists about musical concepts in sports advertising. Moreover, we'll see the greeting of Ennio Morricone from Rome: the online competition of music video is continues (The Second Mediamusic Festival). Radio. The analysis of one audio broadcast. Let's think together: a listener can exist without radio, and is it possible for radio to exist without a listener? ... And as a dessert, scientific information about the art therapy is waiting for our readers. How to maintain harmony and not to fall into total madness?