Alexander V. Chernyshov


The article is an abbreviated and multimedia variation of the A.Chernyshov dissertation’s chapter for the degree of Doctor of Arts, which was written in 2012 (p. 222-240). This chapter explores the types of leitmotif technology in a multi-part fiction film. For the first time in the history of art criticism, the author examines the musical-compositional form-construction of a series, highlighting "external" leitmotivs (leitmotif-callsign, leitmotif-while-credits) and "internal" leitmotivs. The author compares the variant development of music themes of the "traditional leitmotiv technique" to the invariant "clip technique". In the modern television series, the author finds mixed types of musical-leitmotiv techniques, predicting the further development of this media genre.


TV series;multi-part film;leitmotif;leit-theme;clip;compositional technique


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