Daniel Smirnov


The article provides a brief overview of the evolutionary development of multi-channel sound recording and reproduction systems, from simple stereo to quadraphonics, surround, binaural and wave field synthesis systems (Ambisonics and Wavefield Synthesis). The application areas of these systems and spatial sound in commercial and home cinema, in the music recording industry, as well as in the creation of cultural sound "landscapes" and of the virtual reality in a 3D computer-game environment is described here. The author refers to researches of the specialists from Great Britain, USA, Japan (A. Blumlein, T. Holman, M. Gerzon, K. Hamasaki), and to the practical experience of the manufacturers (Dolby Laboratories, DTS, THX, NHK), and also he indicates the prospects for further development and study of multichannel systems, which are actively discussed at the 146th and 147th AES Conventions (Dublin; New York, 2019).


multichannel sound; quadraphonics; binaural systems; surround sound; Ambisonics; Wavefield Synthesis; 3D; Dolby; AES


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